February 22, 2012

Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to the Ocean Village Villas website. We have been on-line for a couple of months but have been somewhat reluctant to jump into this forum because it is unfamiliar territory. To confirm that the learning curve is a little steep, I have composed and lost three letters (or posts, I guess). I changed the method this time around and hopefully won’t have anymore problems.

On the local front, things have been very quiet. This is race week and there is a little more traffic on A1A and a few more people on the beach but, for the most part, it is just like any other week at the shore. We’re actually looking forward to the Daytona 500. I’ve been to one but don’t plan on going again for a while; however, you really don’t have to go because you can stand on most front porches in the village and hear the roar of the track all the way across town. While it is easy to hear the cars, you have to imagine the smell of the rubber.

We have had two association meetings in the past two months, the fall board of directors meeting in November 2011 and the members meeting in January 2012.

The November board of directors meeting was a routine meeting attended by three of the five directors. Two were out of town for Thanksgiving. The agenda of the meeting consisted of the usual items – reports by the manager, the treasurer, and the president. The topics of the reports were leadership and management styles, bylaw infractions, legal issues; money, arrears and delinquencies, grounds maintenance; and irrigation system repair procedures.

The annual members meeting took place at the end of January 2012 at which time two new directors were elected and the members had the floor for as long as they wanted it. The board reorganization meeting took place 30 minutes after the end of the annual meeting.

The central issues of the member’s meeting were lawn care and irrigation system maintenance. A motion was made from the floor to keep in place the traditional method of repairing leaking or broken sprinklers and piping. Hence, the association will continue to maintain the irrigation system at no cost to the members.

The results of the election of two new board members saw Ms. Loita Ross and Mr. Carlos Deis join the board in place of Ms. Becky Armstrong and Mr. Ray Cavallo, both retiring. The board reorganization resulted in the election by secret ballot of Mr. Patrick Kelley as president and Ms. Loita Ross as vice president and treasurer. The board now consists of Messrs. Patrick Kelley, Carl Trusler, Carlos Deis; and Mesdames Loita Ross and Teri Kowalski.

Mr. Paul Hart is the community association manager. He is assisted by Ms. Faye Crow, a real estate professional recently relocated to Ormond Beach. Faye will become our on-site office manager at some point in the near future.

I will keep working on mastering the website so I can use it more effectively. I know there is a lot of potential in it. I just have to find out how to push the right buttons to get the best results.

Warm regards,

Patrick Kelley